Welcome to Santa Cruz Koi, your Monterey Bay destination for Koi, Pond, and Aquarium supplies.

SCK - Portraits-8306-2-2Why choose us? What makes us better than any other koi or fish store?

Our store is owned and operated by certified aquatic veterinarian, Dr. Jessie Sanders. A veterinarian who has dedicated her career to providing exceptional care for fish. Who would know what your fish and pond needs better than her?

Whether you a starting a new pond, maintaining an existing pond or looking to make some upgrades, we have all you need to make a better home for your koi. From equipment, to pond treatments and even high-quality koi food, our professional staff will guide you to all the right solutions to make your pond more efficient and fun.

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Now Hiring: Part Time Assistant Manager

Retail Sales Associate

Santa Cruz Koi is owned and operated by Dr. Jessie Sanders of Aquatic Veterinary Services.

Click here for more information on Aquatic Veterinary Services.

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